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Dean Winchester || Supernatural
7th-Jun-2012 01:03 am
pissed off

So, this is the official hiatus announcement for me! Since I am getting married, and it’s gonna be a bit of an adjustment to say the least, in the first few weeks I shall be packing my laptop away with all my other things until I am settled.

This will of course mean less RP – hence this post.

Note: I will still have my phone, but there is only so much you can do on that and I’m being realistic in I think I won’t have much time in that case either. So, I want to thank each and every one of the people I tag with, old and new. Here’s to more, as soon as I get settled. :3

&list of pups this affects is:

given_enough || Dean Winchester || SPN

needtoknowonly || Future!Dean Winchester || SPN

notall_sam|| Evil!Sam Winchester || SPN

pushmefirst || Nick Gant || Push

thisis_dolce || Johnny Storm – The Human Torch || Fantastic Four

notyet_king || Thor || Thor/The Avengers

acolorlessword || Damon Salvatore || book!TVD

putsupwalls || Stefan Salvatore || book!TVD

killsonthe_sly || Jase Rivers || OC

takestheorders || Heath Mason || OC

fillthis_void || Jayden Porter || OC

wantedtofindher || Clay Miller || Friday the 13th [2009]

livedthelie || Jake Grey || DeVour

kissedtherose || Prince Phillip || OuaT OC

re_opened || Sherlock Holmes || Ritchie!verse

-- all I can think of rn. But if you know those and my others.. yeah. I shall do my best to come on for my main guys more than any others… but yeah.

RP on, babes. :3

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